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Win(s) of the Week

Rome Labs awarded $2M to selected members of the SOSSEC Other Transaction Authority (OTA) consortium as part of the first of many rapid, iterative prototype projects within the "Resilient Embedded GPS/INS" (R-EGI) initiative. R-EGI is a lightship for OTI's Open System Acquisition model!
The Vehicle-to-Grid program at Joint Base Andrews successfully passed all 3 tests to enter the PJM ancillary services market!
Air Force Launches Space Consortium RFI That Puts Startups to Work On Prototypes on 17 Oct 2016!
Successfully conducted Air Force Innovation Forum with Non-Traditional Companies in San Jose CA 17 Oct 2016!
Successfully conducted OTA Presentation at AFLCMC Workforce Development, Dayton OH on 26 Oct 2016!
Successfully conducted Acquisition Innovation Series VIII briefing at Pentagon VA!
OTI Says Goodbye to Dr. Gorguinpour, Ms. Jackson and Mr. Robles. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and accomplishments. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Vayan con Dios Amigos!
AFLCMC/LPAB, WPAFB OH, issued RFI for OTA Consortium for Military Aircraft Propulsion Consistent with OTI's "Adaptive Acquisition" Process!

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  • 28 Jul - DSCA Security Cooperation Industry Group (SCIG) (FMS Efficiencies)
  • 12/13 Aug - CEO-PEO Roundtable
  • 14-16 Sep - AFA Symposium
  • 22 Sep - Acquisition Wargaming RFI responses due
  • 30 Sep - Round 4 of BTCC Initiatives
  • 06 Oct - DoD-Industry Partnership Forum
  • 15/16 Oct - 2015 AIA/NDIA Technical Data Rights Forum & Workshop - Agendas - (FMS Efficiencies)
  • 20 Oct - DSCA SCIG - Agenda  (FMS Efficiencies) 
  • 3 Nov - Dr. Gorguinpour speaking at the National Press Club event Security Innovation Network (SINET) Showcase 2015
  • 18 Nov - Non-DOD Military Aircraft USAF Airworthiness Industry Day Air Force's NDMA Airworthiness (AW) Accreditation Process
  • 4/5 Feb - PEO/CEO Roundtable
  • 24-26 Feb - AFA 2016 Air Warfare Symposium & Technology Exposition 
  • 15 Mar - B-52 Re-engining RFI Responses Due
  • 23 Mar - BTCC Services Forum
  • 13 Apr - Dr. Gorguinpour Speaking at UC Berkeley/UCSF
  • 20 Apr - AIA IP Forum
  • 22 Apr - USAF Innovation Forum (Boston, MA)
  • 10 May - DAU Talk at WPAFB
  • 13 May - Magazine Day
  • 19 May - AFCEA/GMU Symposium
  • 20 May - Col Schuman's Retirement Luncheon
  • 24 May - OTA Training, Warner-Robins AFB
  • 25 May - OTA Training, San Antonio TX
  • 1 Jun - AI Forum, New York
  • 3 Jun - The Evolving Defense/Industry Partnership, D.C.
  • 7 Jun - DSCA SCIG, Rosslyn VA
  • 10 Jun - Defense One Tech Summit, D.C.
  • 16 Jun - NDIA, Advancing National Security Innovation, Boston MA
  • 21 Jun - Grid Edge World Forum, San Jose CA
  • 30 Jun - 2nd Acquisition Innovation Series briefing at Pentagon VA
  • 11 Jul - GreenGov Fleet Dialog, D.C.
  • 12 Jul - Cyber S&T Interchange Group Meeting, Arlington VA
  • 14 Jul - NDU, Exploring Cyberspace through Engaging Thought, D.C.
  • 19 Jul - BENS Workshop, D.C.
  • 22 Jul - Joint Space Cost Council, Falls Church, VA
  • 09 Aug - Energy Exchange "Southern Pilot Panel Discussion", Providence, RI
  • 16-17 Aug - PEO/CEO Roundtable, Andrews AFB MD
  • 18 Aug - Sixth Acquisition Innovation Series Briefing, Pentagon VA
  • 24-26 Aug - Space Contracting Executive Forum, Los Angeles AFB CA
  • 31 Aug - OTI Office Open House, Pentagon VA
  • 07 Sep - NDU OTA Training, Ft McNair DC
  • 07 Sep - Acquisition Innovation Series Briefings VII, Pentagon VA
  • 08 Sep - GreenGov Forum, Washington D.C.
  • 13 Sep - DSCA SCIG, Rosslyn VA
  • 15 Sep - ACT-IAC Cognitive Computing/AI/Machine Learning Working Group
  • 20 Sep - AFA Air, Space & Cyber Conference, BTCC Roundtable, National Harbor MD
  • 27 Sep - Acquisition Innovation Series VII, Part II, Pentagon VA
  • 04 Oct - OTA Training, Los Angeles AFB CA
  • 12 Oct - OTA Presentation at PSC, Arlington VA
  • 17 Oct - AF Innovation Forum with Non-Traditional Companies, San Jose CA
  • 26 Oct - OTA Presentation at AFLCMC Workforce Development, WPAFB OH
  • 2 - 3 Nov - OSD OTA Workshop, Parsippany NJ
  • 13 Dec - NDIA, SAF/AQ-OTI and AFTC sponsored Digital Thread/Digital Twin Concept Workshop, Arlington VA
  • 15 Dec - DSCA SCIG 4Qtr CY2016, Rosslyn VA
  • 12 Jan - Acquisition Innovation Series Briefings VIII, Special Guest Speaker Honorable Mr. Robert Hale, Pentagon VA
  • 1-3 Mar - AFA Symposium, Orlando FL
  • 27 - 31 Mar - EFB Plug-Test, Hanscom AFB MA
  • 28 Mar - DSCA SCIG 1Qtr CY2017, Arlington VA

  • Apr - None

What We Do

Office of Transformational Innovation (OTI)
The Engine of Innovation for Air Force Acquisitions

Mission Statement
OTI’s mission is to identify and execute sweeping changes within Air Force acquisition processes to deliver better capability, faster and cheaper.

What We Do
OTI reports directly to the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition) to define, test, and implement paradigm-shifting concepts with the Air Force acquisition system. Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, OTI formulates and demonstrates concepts for major changes to acquisition policies and practices. Looking beyond traditional acquisition reform efforts and continuous process improvement, OTI efforts aim to radically alter the status quo. Recognizing the tremendous challenge associated with affecting transformational change, OTI activities are executed with a “fail fast” model. Each activity is given no more than six-months to achieve a clear and compelling case that it will result in a significant improvement for the Air Force. Activities that fail to meet that threshold within six months are set aside in favor of new activities. Activities that demonstrate success are continued until implemented across the Air Force to the broadest scale possible.

OTI is also responsible for the Bending the Cost Curve (BTCC) Initiative, which is the Air Force’s signature acquisition reform effort. BTCC activities emphasize collaboration with industry, implementation of tangible actions, and achieving measurable results. Activities executed under BTCC are placed in one or more of the following three categories:

    1.  Improve internal Air Force acquisition processes;
    2.  Enhance interactions with industry throughout the acquisition lifecycle; and
    3.  Expand competition among traditional and non-traditional defense contractors.

In keeping with the OTI “fail fast” model, BTCC activities are implemented on six-month cycles with new activities incorporated in each cycle.

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all functional aspects of acquisition and policy/regulations