AQ' - Cognitive Computing

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Project Title: AQ' Cognitive Computing

Status: Ongoing


Problem Statement:

The Defense Acquisition System is too slow and cumbersome to fully meet the needs of the 21st Century Air Force. Our workforce and industry representatives are expected to intrinsically understand an increasingly complex web of policies and regulations that in practice limit competition, increase costs, and delay the time to deliver capabilities to our Airmen. While there is certainly a need to simplify and streamline acquisition bureaucracy, modern tools are also available that can help novices and experts in navigating acquisition processes.


Project Description:

AQ’ is an effort led by the Air Force Office of Transformational Innovation (OTI) to identify and implement modern computing tools to promote collaboration and innovation within the Air Force acquisition system. The first activity under this effort, called AQ’-Cognitive Computing, aims to develop a publicly-available information resource that utilizes advances in artificial intelligence to aid individuals in navigating acquisition laws, policies, and regulations. OTI partnered with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to fund two small businesses to develop beta-versions of such a resource in early 2016.


A second AQ’ activity, called Acquisition Wargaming, is described here.