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Project Title: Acquisition Wargaming

Status: Ongoing


Problem Statement:

One of the key challenges in acquisition planning and reform is that it is extremely difficult to evaluate the impact of singular acquisition decisions on long-term outcomes. This difficulty is experienced in planning an acquisition for a single program and for implementing policy changes that affect the Air Force as a whole. In an ideal world, the Air Force could preview the consequences of its decisions before implementing an acquisition plan or policy.


Project Description:

By simulating an acquisition environment through a wargaming methodology, the Air Force Office of Transformational Innovation (OTI) aims to provide senior leaders with a powerful tool to assess the consequences of acquisition choices on individual programs as well as the effects of policy choices across the Air Force enterprise. The Acquisition Wargame initiative is designed to develop a set of interactive acquisition wargaming capabilities and tools to nurture and improve the skills needed to manage highly complex acquisition programs, promote critical thinking, innovation and collaboration within the acquisition workforce, and to better engage industry in the acquisition process.


The first pilot wargame was held June 26-30 at Hanscom Air Force Base. The purpose of Wargame #1 was to conduct a focused wargame to test the ability of various acquisition strategies to respond to emerging cybersecurity needs and threats in an efficient and timely manner. Future wargames will be held at other acquisition centers throughout the Air Force, in a bid to create new approaches and expose more personnel to innovative acquisition methods. OTI is also exploring partnering, collaboration, and transition opportunities with Air University (AU), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), and Defense Acquisition University (DAU) for this effort.


Mr. Dave Morgan 


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