Adaptive Acquisition

Adaptive Acquisition Adaptive Acquisition

Adaptive Acquisition

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Project Title: Adaptive Acquisition (AdAq)

Status: Ongoing


Problem Statement:

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense FAR (DFAR), and DoDI 5000.02, and recent Better Buying Power, Performance Based Logistics (PBL), and “Should Cost/Will Cost” policy guidance all clearly explain that programs should tailor the standard acquisition models as appropriate for the details of their requirements in order to maximize value returned per unit of time and money invested.  Likewise, acquisition policy suggests applying Modular Open System Approaches (MOSA) to enable business models that leverage the inherent adaptability of plug-and-play designs.  Recent Congressional language reiterates and in some cases expands authority to innovate within the acquisition process.  However, this policy stops short of providing detailed implementation guidance. 


Project Description:

Adaptive Acquisition (AdAq) provides an evolving set of broadly applicable tools and processes intended to help program managers, and/or prime contractors, to tailor their programs per the following strategic and tactical considerations.   

  • Apply robust V&V of mature prototypes of technology and processes, as basis of procurement awards and acquisition gate exit criteria, can streamline process and reduce risk.

  • A “prototype” is simply a physical or virtual design model of technology or process under evaluation for some application.  Prototypes can support, e.g.:

    • Rapid development of new technology

    • Evaluation of mature technology, e.g. COTS, for military use, especially via “Plug Test”

    • Evaluation of alternative processes for, e.g. maintenance, certification, training, manufacturing, T&E

  • Expanded “Other Transactions” Authority (OTA), by permitting direct award for production on basis of successful prototype, provides a particularly powerful tool.

  • Modular Open System Approaches (MOSA) are inherently adaptable.




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