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Project Title: Best Practices Memorandum

Status: Ongoing


Problem Statement:

It takes the Air Force on average 17 months to execute a contract in circumstances when we know there is only one supplier. This protracted timeframe delays the delivery of capability to our Airmen and increases cost to the government and industry.


Project Description:

In the first iteration of the Bending the Cost Curve (BTCC) Initiative, the Air Force engaged in multiple meetings with industry to identify best practices in reducing the time to award contracts when there is only one known supplier for a particular product or service. These best practices were codified in a memorandum released to the Air Force acquisition workforce in October 2014. The Air Force Office of Transformational Innovation (OTI) is now working with pertinent stakeholders to assess how those best practices are truly affecting the time to award a contract. As needed, the best practices will be modified and re-released periodically.


Mr. Dave Morgan

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