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FMS Efficiencies


Project Title: FMS Efficiencies
Status: Ongoing

Problem Statement:
Industry and Air Force personnel have identified FMS offsets and “designing for exportability” as key issues to tackle under BTCC.  Unfortunately, many key responsibilities for FMS do not reside within Air Force Acquisition Enterprise.

Project Description:
The Air Force is exploring potential acquisition reform activities to improve FMS procurement through its Bending the Cost Curve (BTCC) initiative.  In order to assess the impact Air Force acquisition can have  on FMS processes, the Air Force Office of Transformational Innovation is collaborating with industry to define efforts which may improve FMS acquisition processes.

Project POC

Mr. Rafael Morales 


FMS Efficiencies Info

  • 28 Jul - DSCA SCIG
  • 06 Oct - DoD-Industry Partnership Forum
  • 20 Oct - DSCA SCIG

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