Project Title:  Matchmaker
Status: Ongoing

Problem Statement:
The Air Force lacks an effective way to share major successes across portfolios and phases of the acquisition lifecycle. There have been a number of recent successes that have garnered significant savings, but they have not been publicized within the acquisition community or to the public. Lessons learned from these successes can help emerging programs set themselves on a path for the same success and cost savings.

Project Description:
Matchmaker is a systematic approach to sharing lessons learned from acquisition successes across the Air Force and industry portfolios.  Matchmaker events consist of teams from successful programs with lessons learned to share being matched with emerging programs possibly even utilizing the same industry partner.  These structured discussions between programs focus on translating successes and lessons learned from one program to the next.

Project Info

Dr. Steve Meier


Project Info

  • Fall 14 - Matchmaker Test
  • Oct 15 - Call for programs
  • Jan 16 - Begin Round 1

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