Project Title: Cost Capability Analysis (CCA) - Industry Engagement

Status: Transitioned


Project Title: Airworthiness Accreditation

Status: Transitioned


Project Title: IT Business Analytics

Status: Transitioned





Open System Acquisition – formerly PlugFest Plus
(OTI Lead; execution by AFRL)

Status: Ongoing

· AFRL Rome created first OSA vehicle in February 2016

o 12 projects in progress/pending for FY16/17, as of July 2016

o Cumulative value of FY16/17 projects is ~$20M

o Approximately $5M in potential additional projects have been identified, as of July 2016

o JSSMO & AFLCMC applying OSA to develop next-generation airborne Precise Navigation & Timing (PNT) solution

· Rapidly developed plug-and-play GOTS application for AF DCGS

o Praised by OUSD(I) as applicable across DCGS enterprise

o Used “Plug Test” to select non-traditional performer from 12 vendor teams

· Approached by multiple Air Force organizations seeking to replicate OSA vehicle for other applications


Airworthiness Accreditation

Status: Transitioned to AFLCMC for execution


· Created an AF process to perform airworthiness assessments for Non-DoD Military Aircraft (NDMA)

· Executed first agreement with Textron

· NDMAO is currently working on two active projects. One with General Atomics and a second one with IOMAX


Reducing RFP-to-Award Time*
(SAF/AQC Lead)

Status: Ongoing



* Sole source awards of $50-500M

· Enterprise time to award reduced from 16.1 (FY14) to 14.6 months (FY15), 12.8 months (FY16), and 12.0 months (FY17)

· Tracking to targeted 11.2 month average in FY18

· FY 15 B-2 RFP-to-award timeline 53% less than LCMC average

o EMD negotiation time 87% less than average


IT Business Analytics Office
(PEO BES Lead)

Status: Ongoing

· Completed BCA supporting the decision to implement a JELA for Cisco SMARTnet

o Reduces contracts from over 2100 down to just 1; provides a 3 year cost avoidance of $109M

· Identified $565M+ in potential cost savings/avoidances

o Secured spending moratorium on desktops/laptops, resulting in ~$67M cost avoidance as of FY16 Q2

· Initiated granular tracking of IT spend

o Categorized ~2.9M pieces of IT hardware


Direct to Phase II (D2P2)
(AFRL Lead)

Status: Recurring AFRL Execution

· Obtained authority to execute Direct-to-Phase II (D2P2) SBIR contracts with up to 10% of annual Air Force SBIR budget

· Executed first round of D2P2 awards in March 2016

o Nine awards issued, 70 proposals received, ~$11M invested

· Second round of awards in FY17

o 65 proposals received, ~$15M anticipated investment

· Anticipate annual recurrence of D2P2 opportunities


CCA-Industry Engagement

Status: Transitioned/Integrated into AFLCMC CCA execution planning

· Worked with industry and four pilot programs to create Industry Engagement Guidebook for AF programs

o Document Published Feb 2016

· AFLCMC established CCA Center of Excellence to provide program-level training and support

· B-2 implementation of CCA for EHF reduced cost by ~$1B


AQ’- Cognitive Computing
(OTI Lead; execution by AFRL)

Status: Ongoing

· Successfully completed two prototypes through Phase I SBIR

· Awarded two Phase II SBIR contracts to progress to beta testing by December 2016

· Engaged with SAF/FM and IBM to explore options for expanding scope to include FMR and/or entire DoD acquisition process


Financing the Future:
B-52 Re-Engining
(OTI Lead)

Status Ongoing


· Worked with financial and aerospace sectors to identify two viable pathways for financing B-52 re-engining: operating lease and multi-year service contract

o Preliminary analyses of models returned from financial institutions indicates a positive business case relative to status quo

o Multi-year service contract would require statutory change to extend limit on duration

· Initiated review of opportunities to upgrade current engine

· AFGSC completed operational analysis of mission enhancement from new commercial engines


Commercial Best Practices
(OTI Lead)

Status: Ongoing

· Hosted the first USAF Innovation Forum in Boston, which was hosted by Governor Baker (MA)

· Reached agreement with the State of Massachusetts to establish an MOU to develop sustainable concepts for identifying public-private partnership opportunities and support better intellectual property decisions for the Air Force

o Enacted December 2016

· In collaboration with the Government of California, hosted the second USAF Innovation Forum in San Jose, CA


Acquisition Wargaming

(OTI Lead)

Status: Ongoing

· Surveyed industry to identify available tools to support acquisition wargaming and identified three possible options

o Narrowed to BAH tool due to integration capability with existing acquisition tools

· Developed Acquisition Wargaming framework and identified first use cases

· Submitted funding request to OSD CAPE for Wargaming Incentive Fund (WIF)

· On December 2016, OSD CAPE approved funding request for Acquisition Wargame #1

· First Acquisition Wargame was conducted 26-30 June 2017 at Hanscom AFB


Air Force Technology Challenge
(AFRL Lead)

Status: Ongoing to September 2018


· Launched AF Turbine Prize in May 2015 as largest cash prize ever offered by a military service ($2M)

· Eleven teams registered; others expressed interest


Digital Wind
(AEDC Lead)

Status: Ongoing

· Completed retrospective analysis of F-22 wind tunnel campaign and concluded contemporary computational approaches could have reduced time to completion by up to 25%

· Identified prospective programs in FY17 to perform side-by-side real vs virtual wind tunnel campaign to validate models

· Initiated effort to identify how Digital Thread/Digital Twin technology can streamline DT&E

o Considering both technical and policy factors

· Initiating industry outreach effort to address business concerns and support model refinement


Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC)
(SMC Lead)

Status: Ongoing


· Space Enterprise Consortium Manager awarded to Advanced Technology International

· So far, there are over 100 members as part of the consortium and multiple prototype projects are in various stages of evaluation


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